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Opening September 23, 2017 at:

1309 Hull Street
Richmond, Virginia 23324


adverse reaction exhibit    



Taking a break in style by turning away from the figure, this series entitled Adverse Reaction explores Westbrook's interest in contemporary and abstract concerns. He has pushed his curiosity in expressionism to employ large brushwork, paint pours and drips to create conceptual appearances of figures or objects that encourage an original and unique viewer connection with his work.

In this series, the artist uses industrial oil metal and acrylic house paints over mixed media such as newspaper, magazine pages and found objects to create reactions that travel beyond his hand to form new and free expressions. In the studio, Westbrook applied layers of paint that respond and interact to create homages to an image or a contrasting finish of materials to “free” a painting to react and travel further on its own to meld into color upheavals and marbleized finishes. The high-gloss of the metal oil paint laid over duller acrylic house paint create a depth of conflicted intents and materials. Free of confined and defined figures or images, the paint has been applied with action to give presence and energy to his work.

Action and adversity in materials, the search for shapes and figures within that action, exploring the beauty of the line, mixed media and randomness, Adverse Reaction highlights the painterly materials to detach the viewer from the task of recognition in order to see the paint. Color, line and form create a sense of sensuality while avoiding the entrapment of style to cultivate independent emotional states. The loops, lines and forms that interlock and cross are often swallowed in portions by the base color paint in the same way that inspiration, life and creativity bleed and blend together.